where it began

Swing Logic Ventures

Formed in October of 2021 after the co-founders, Brian Simmons and Blake Jones became frineds with JS Youn, and learned about his initial concept of the Tittle X MicroSimulator. We made a commitment to deliver beautifully designed golf products at an affordable price, and provide first class customer support. Building on the existing IP developed by JS Youn, our foundational product the SLX MicroSim was born. We quickly went to work on developing our patent pending SLX Hybrid Pro, which became the highest funded golf product in Kickstarter and Indiegogo history in July of 2022.

Swing Logic + Tittle X


When we decided on a brand and logo, it was important to honor the legacy design and branding established by so-founder JS Youn, and the newly formed company, Swing Logic Ventures. After months of review the SLX Brand and lineup came to life.