Established in October 2021, Swing Logic Ventures emerged from a simple concept—two former oil and gas professionals driven by a profound affinity for golf, along with a tech prodigy proficient in mobile devices.

Blake Jones, a distinguished veteran of the US Army, and Brian Simmons joined forces to foster the growth of Blake's original venture, Divot Island. After fortuitously crossing paths and cultivating a lasting camaraderie, they ultimately partnered with JS Youn, an authority in mobile connectivity and IoT.

Their collective purpose? To revolutionize the realm of golf accessibility by harnessing cutting-edge technology that integrates motion capture, sensors and radar technology to offer never before results that won't break the bank.

The outcome? Swing Logic Ventures embarks on a narrative that extends beyond technology and innovation; it encapsulates friendship, ardor, and a mutual fondness for the sport of golf.

The successful beta launch of our second product became the highest funded crowdfunding golf product in history.

Swing Logic plans to continue to innovate and deliver new products to the market including custom designed mobile applications and training modules to allow golf enthusiasts an easier way to move from just seeing their data, to providing actionable insights and focused training.

On January 1, 2023 Swing Logic annouced the addition of Joe DiChiara to our team. A golf Digest 40 under 40 instructor with over a decade of expereince in golf technology, 3D motion capture, and coaching.

Thus, if you seek an unparalleled golf experience, your search concludes with Swing Logic Ventures.

Their unique fusion of technology, wit, and genuine passion is reshaping the game, swing by swing.


Meet Brian Simmons, a jack-of-all-trades who's had a career as diverse as his hobbies. With a background in petroleum engineering and an MBA, Brian's been a leader in the energy industry, involved in over $3 billion in acquisitions and development capital spending. And if that wasn't enough, he's also the founder of Exemplar Energy and a Lead Independent Director for Blackbrush.

But wait, there's more! Brian and his wife Kristy are entrepreneurs at heart, and their drop-in daycare center, Spontaneity KidCare, provides a much-needed solution for busy parents. And when Brian's not juggling the needs of four children involved in gymnastics, golf, baseball, and lacrosse, he can be found coaching his son's baseball team, participating in triathlons and CrossFit, or giving back to the local homeless community.

And that's not even the best part. Brian's love for golf and teaching led him to found Swing Logic Ventures, where he now serves as CEO. So whether he's in the boardroom or on the greens, Brian's got a swing that just won't quit.


Meet JS Youn, a mechanical engineering master who's had a career that's gone full circle. He started at Hyundai, designed semiconductor plants at Hynix, founded an online content provider, and then went on to found ULIKE Co. Ltd., a company that specializes in mobile/IoT service planning, development, and operations. He's worked with big names in the golf technology industry, including GolfZon and TruGolf, and even founded ULIKE Creative to market and distribute ULIKE's products globally.

But what sets JS apart is his love for golf. As a golf enthusiast, he developed a wearable golf training aid for his son and ended up creating the Tittle X Play, ULIKE's flagship product. And now, as the CTO of Swing Logic, he's putting his engineering expertise to use in the golf industry once again.

So, whether he's designing semiconductor plants or golf training aids, JS Youn is a true master of his craft.


Meet Joe DiChiara, the
tech-savvy golf pro who knows how to drive a ball and a business. With 20 years
under his belt as a PGA member, Joe is a seasoned pro at improving player
performance through the integration of technology. He's been ahead of the game
in the golf tech space since day one, developing programs to help coaches up
their tech game and drive success.

When it comes to product development and customer success, Joe
is a hole-in-one. He's helped build and consult for multiple organizations in
the golf instruction industry, taking revenues from par to six and seven
figures with his focus on new customer acquisition and innovative product

And it's not just business that Joe excels in. On the green,
he's a coach to the stars, having had the opportunity to develop emerging
talent, guide major champions to victory, and repeatedly earn recognition as a
top coach by Golf Digest. So next time you need to improve your swing, just
remember, Joe's got you covered.


Meet Davis, a Systems Integration and Financial Markets specialist who's always striving for excellence in the office and on the greens. When he's not busy streamlining systems and analyzing market trends, you can find him perfecting his golf swing or enjoying quality time with his lovely wife and two daughters. With a passion for both technology and family, Davis is a true all-rounder and the embodiment of 'work hard, play hard.' So, whether you need expert advice on the latest financial market movements or a partner for a round of golf, Davis is your man.


Blake Jones is the king of golf alignment and a true jack-of-all-trades. From serving in the US Army to working in the energy industry, Blake has a wealth of experience under his belt. He's like a Swiss Army Knife, but for golf. With his expertise in troubleshooting and technology, Blake is the perfect person to tackle any problem on the golf course. And don't even get us started on his sales skills! Blake has convinced some of the biggest names in golf to carry his product. When it comes to the golf world, Blake Jones is the one to call.


Eric is currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine.  He has been involved in the design of software for e-commerce websites and has extensive coding experience.  He has served as a database researcher for Ulike Co. Ltd. And worked in software development and as a product management intern for humanID.  Eric holds a patent for managing loadcell related to the design of a Loadcell IoT Scale, which earned him the top-three placement in several product design contests. Eric serves as a Business Development specialist for SLX and will be working on future design and development in the virtual reality realm.