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Re-Furbished SLX MicroSim

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Re-Furbished, fully tested and verified products returned in like-new or unused condition.  Works with the FREE SLX CONNECT APP for PC, Android, and iOS.  License to utilize with E6 one device for 12 months, iOS or PC, included with the purchase price.  Additional courses and content can be purchased directly from TruGolf E6.

(iOS 12 or later, iOS 11.3 or later, Windows 10 or later) 

90-day replacement warranty for sensor no questions asked. 

Returns will incur a $50 restocking fee.

Product information

SLX MicroSim - Home Golf MicroSimulator

  • The best MINI HOME GOLF SIMULATOR has E6 Connect with 4K ultra high definition and provides real screen golf experiences in various practice modes.
  • An impressive reaction rate of 0.12 sec provides no delay in data transfer and its super lightweight sensor is extremely accurate.
  • Included smart stick offers the ability to play golf at home (as a golf swing trainer), while the detachable cradle for your personal clubs is provided for use on the golf course.
  • The simulator can be connected to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Window PC. Currently, it DOES NOT SUPPORT MAC AND ANDROID AT THIS TIME.
  • Lithium Polymer charging provides 8 hours of continuous use once it is fully charged. UI/UX CLUB SELECTION operation is possible through the touch panel of the sensor.
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